August 13, 2003

Giving Weblogging A Bad Name

You know, some people just can't relax.

I see weblogging as a fun diversion. Some writing, some recording, some contact with my friends, some venting. I'm not out to win any awards here. This is the logical next step in merging email lists with your website.

But some people want to drum it into the world that they are involved with weblogging, that weblogging was their idea and you'd better not forget it. Dave Winer is one of those people.

This story in the Register makes it clear that some of these folks ar eliving in an alternate universe. They want people to show up at Harvard and pay $500 to listen to people talk about blogging? Are they nuts?

We need a new blogging slogan like "Just Do It" or "Shut up and blog" or "Reality check, you're a fricking blogger -- ease off on the delusions of grandeur."

You may not be interested in the soap opera of the uberblogging community, and I wouldn't blame you one bit, because neither am I. However, this story is interesting just because it makes the point that content is still more important than delivery.

Shocked cartoonist and blogger August Pollak points out that:

"If Blogger and MT and LiveJournal all dissolved into the ether tomorrow, I would still be a cartoonist. I would still be trying to do cartoons and animation, and I would still be trying to post news links and interesting things on my website. The only thing that would change would be the level of convenience. That's why I find the blogging paradigm overplayed.


"The core element, to me, is still not the blogging software. It's that those people exist in the first place."

When I started out with weblogging, I didn't want to tell anyone I had a blog because, well the name kinda sounded stupid (see discussion on Brights for the difficulty of identifying with new names or name usages), but now people are getting used to hearing about blogs. But there are still folks who are going to try to make too much out of blogging, and give us a bad name in the process.

Dave? "Relax. Don't do it."

Posted by James at August 13, 2003 1:05 PM
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I'm not sure I even understand what the issue is here. Is Pollak annoyed that so many people are blogging? Is this like when people at print shops bitched about DTP as if it was the devil's invention because they were worried that the ability to do DTP on a home computer would put them out of business?

Posted by: Julie at August 14, 2003 1:38 PM

I don't think it's that. I think it's simply that some people have a strange idea regarding what other people would be willing to pay $500 for.

I wonder why there isn't just an online conference on blogging -- held in blog-time for everyone to attend.

BTW - where is that $500 going?

Posted by: JP at August 14, 2003 2:18 PM

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