August 18, 2003

Tough Time for Card Counters

Casinos have a new tool to use against blackjack card-counters, as described in this Wired story. The tool is designed to help casinos calculate comps (compensation given to good repeat customers which keeps them coming back). However, it could easily be used to detect someone who varies his bets depending on whether the state of the deck favors the player or the house -- the basis of card counting.

It seems to me that blackjack is becoming more and more of a losing game. I've never played it for money myself. I just couldn't get into all the memorization. At least I have a shot at poker.

Posted by James at August 18, 2003 6:04 PM
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Casinos keep doing this like this to more heavily influence odds which are already greatly in their favor. At what point does it become unfair to the player? I don't understand why casinos are allowed to escort card counters out of the building when they are usually the only people who win.

Posted by: Mike at August 19, 2003 9:41 AM

It's always struck me as odd that when you play blackjack well, they're allowed to throw you out. But, of course, they're allowed to throw you out for any reason. No one has to play at a casino, or has a right to be there.

The vast majority of people don't know or care about the odds. With comps, the casino can keep the bad players in their seats, and keep making dough.

But people should move on to another game if the casino does this. Like poker. :)

Posted by: JP at August 19, 2003 10:28 AM

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