August 20, 2003

Melanin Overdrive

The skin-darkening rays of the sun still compel many people to shed their clothing and expose themselves to dangerous radiation. Agreed, it feels good to let the sun shine on you. But we know enough about UV exposure that no one should be intentionally bathing themselves in cancer-causing energy. And there are products that reduce sun exposure risk dramatically.

Folks who are afraid of radiation from mysterious sources somehow give the suns rays a pass and see no problem spending hours being bombarded with high energy photons which penetrate their skin and mutate their cells.

And then there's the whole attractiveness issue. What's wrong with pale-colored skin anyhow? Whatever happened to the ivory-hued allure of Poe's Ligea?

I have no problem with a naturally dark skin tone. In the rainbow of skin tones, each has its own merits. However, it's not difficult to spot an artificially-"enhanced" complexion. I'm not speaking of someone with incidental sun exposure, I'm talking about the treated-leather look of an intentional work of solar cosmetology. Are these "crispy critters" aware that, while they're damaging and prematurely aging their skin in a manner that could even be life-threatening, it just plain doesn't look good?

This post inspired by this week's "The Onion."

Posted by James at August 20, 2003 12:14 PM
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I think this is a call to action: to save our children and grandchildren from overexposure to sun we must make sure people of all skin colors to have children together and bring the human race to a nice healthy looking skin color!

Posted by: Bil at August 27, 2003 4:20 PM

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