August 21, 2003

Ear, Nose, Throat and Cajones

A Brazilian man who went to a clinic to have an aching ear checked ended up having a vasectomy after mistakenly believing that the doctor had called his name. [...] "He was called by the full name and yet thought it was him. But the strangest thing is that he asked no questions when the doctor started preparations in the area which had so little to do with his ear," Vanessa Guimaraes said.

"He later explained that he thought it was an ear inflammation that got down to his testicles," she added. - [via reuters and ]

My doctors always say something like "so you're hear for the gastroenteroscopy, right?" It's very reassuring and probably useful for them to double-check.

Posted by James at August 21, 2003 3:18 PM
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i have been geting bad pains in my ears.they hurt all the time. and i have been geting bad headaces to.

Posted by: Melissa Valentine at October 21, 2003 2:31 AM

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