August 26, 2003

Repeated Liberal Postings

I never really intended this blog to be an anti-conservative blog. However, what I've noticed is that in busy periods I have less time to devote to actually writing entries. So I make quick posts on things that I find bug me, or things that just leap to the front of my mind. Or things that friends send to me.

There seems to be a whole host of Republican and conservative shenanigans going on since Bush entered the office. And it's not just the government, since we also have FOX news to kick around.

So excuse me if the blog has lately bogged down with these posts. The feeling of the blog waxes and wanes political. But, as always, we are fair and balanced here. As in "we have a fair grasp of reality and balance our scorn with humor."

Posted by James at August 26, 2003 5:06 PM
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