September 2, 2003

Lost (to renovation) Weekend

The white-knuckle battle of kitchen renovation continues. In the brief "Part 3" of our pictorial telling of the tale, you will see a door become a wall and my plumbing fixitup job.

But "Part 4" tells a more harrowing tale.

The flooring in the kitchen had long been a source of frustration. The sheet vinyl had been damaged over time. The dull finish mercilessly held dirt and looked disgusting almost immediately after being cleaned.

There appeared to be beautiful wood under the sheet vinyl, so we decided to do what everyone told us was crazy to do -- rip up the floor and restore the wood.

We lost a day of work when we became worried about asbestos and had some samples sent to a lab for testing. We were lucky that the nice people at the NIST-recommended lab were nice enough to give us our answer in mere hours just before a long weekend. NO ASBESTOS! Despite the presence of sheet vinyl and linoleum, and two different adhesives. No asbestos was found anywhere in the samples we submitted.

Apologies to everyone whose events we missed. We are so far behind on this floor that we had to get cracking.

Other notable moments in our weekend: Maggie slipped hurt her back. She's OK, but bruised and sore. It didn't stop her from working on the floor. My PC hard drive died and was revived after hours away from floor work. It appears to have been a problem with the driver for the controller card. That's two catastrophic computer events within 7 days (the other being my work computer). Mattie got her orange belt in Karate! Kit's soccer team won their game!

Link to Renovation Part 3 Pictures
Link to Renovation Part 4 Pictures

Posted by James at September 2, 2003 6:34 AM
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