September 7, 2003

Watch out, it stains.

Here are the results of staining the floor. It's the brief Part 6 of our renovation diary. Now we are enjoying the delectable fumes from the oil based stain.

We weren't sure what kind of wood the floor was, but after looking at different drains, I'm now pretty sure it is Douglas Fir. Probably older "Yellow Fir."

Sites I have read note that the wood tends to change color over time. That explains the gray areas. I sanded quite a bot off in an attempt to get the floor color to be even, so I wish I had had some way to know about this property of Douglas Fir before I had sanded. As one site notes:

"Because of tendency toward color change, care must be taken to avoid oversanding when refinishing an existing floor."
I don't know how I would have been able to tell that the "dirtyish" color was natural. Being used to looking at Southern Yellow Pine, even old pine, I didn't expect the gray. Even if I had read that before, I don't think I would have interpreted it correctly. And if I had, I'm not sure I would have completely believed it. Live and learn!

But, even with the gray the wood was still more attractive than the pine in the rest of the house. I hope that, with the stain, the character of the wood will be emphasized and its flaws de-emphasized.

Posted by James at September 7, 2003 8:49 PM
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Looks great. Now I know who to invite over once I buy a house :-)

Posted by: Jim Correia at September 8, 2003 1:46 PM

After owning this house for 13 years or so, we are just now smartening up regarding how to use the space effectively and save money on renovations.

Experience pays.

Maggie had another great idea today, to use our back room as a secondary pantry/bar/utility room off the dining room. Our old refrigerator, which works fine, will go in there. Sometimes, when you start from a central idea, the rest of the plan falls into place.

Posted by: JP at September 8, 2003 2:54 PM

What amazes me though is that your story isn't the first that I've heard of where people cover up something like a nice wood floor with linoleum. I wonder what they were thinking :-)

Posted by: Jim Correia at September 8, 2003 3:02 PM

Take a number, Jim!

Posted by: julie at September 8, 2003 6:52 PM

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