September 8, 2003

Danger and Beauty

The first time I saw this picture of Bitterroot National Forest was when Patty Seggelin sent it around in email. I thought it was amazing then, and I still do. It shows two deer amid one of the huge fires that ravaged that forest in the year 2000.

There are a few times when I have looked out into some sight in nature and had a feeling almost like falling. It happens when you're looking at something so big and so real that you lose your ego for a moment and become a part of what you're looking at. Usually, these scenes simply cannot be captured on film (at least when I have tried). In a small way, this is one photograph that stirs that feeling up within me, reminding me of the time I looked out at sandstone cliffs outside of Sydney, the rolling hills of Vermont from the Deer Leam trail in Jamaica, VT, and the first time I saw the ground from an airplane.

Posted by James at September 8, 2003 1:04 AM
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