September 18, 2003


Tread Lightly and other sites are linking to a great excerpt from Al Franken's recent popular book (you know the title already). The excerpt is a cartoon called The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus. It juxtaposes the compassionate aspects of Christ's teachings with supply-side economics, among other things.buddy J

Humor, such as this, is a chuckle and a chance for us to review what it is we value, and what it is we're doing. I've joked when making big purchases "I'm helping to stimulate the economy." And, of course, such transactions do move money around and contribute to the economy. But in the last couple of years we saw an attitude coming out of Washington and some pundits that values like conservation were secondary to doing your patriotic duty to keep commerce dollars flowing.

Overwhelmingly, the folks that are spending those dollars are people who have no investments. They're spending their entire paycheck, many of them have no savings and many are deep in personal debt. This doesn't seem to me to be a particularly conservative, sustainable or wise state of affairs.

Posted by James at September 18, 2003 4:11 PM
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