October 7, 2003

Sox Move Along

Yes, I am an end-of-season Red Sox fan. So sue me.

I listened to last night's game, and got a really tight feeling in my chest for the 7th on once Jackson collided with Damon. I thought it was the end. Check out what Bil had to say on the game. And we learn why Stephen has been so quiet on the matter. I have a feeling we're not going to hear from him for another while on the matter, because...

Now it's Sox vs. the Hated Yankees.

[UPDATE: Fixed the link to Bil's during-the-game blog entry. Check it out.]

Posted by James at October 7, 2003 5:20 PM
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As you yourself once said, it's in your blood! So make no apologies! Welcome aboard!

Posted by: Steve at October 7, 2003 6:54 PM

I was sick of hearing about all this until I caught last night's game.

A Sox vs. Cubs would be amazing. It'd also be a sign of the end-times, which is fine with me these days.

Posted by: julie at October 7, 2003 8:57 PM

Welcome back to the Red Sox fold. You can't help it, Julie.

Posted by: James at October 7, 2003 9:46 PM

I'm a fair weather fan and I make no apologies for it. For some people the postseason is the only dose they need.

Posted by: Mike at October 7, 2003 10:14 PM

Hey, I appreciate the mention, but the link is wrong...

Posted by: Bil at October 7, 2003 10:58 PM

Do any of your coworkers leave early to make sure they catch the whole game on TV? A bunch of mine did last week!

Posted by: julie at October 8, 2003 1:04 PM

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