October 9, 2003


Looking at the scorecard here so far.

  • The person/people responsible for sending anthrax through the mail, infecting at least 22 people and killing 5: Still missing, 2 years later
  • Osama bin Laden: Osama bin Hiding - Still missing
  • Saddam Hussein: Saddam Misseing - Nowhere to be found
  • The person or people who outed Valerie Plame: Missing, administration working hard to lower our expectations on the investigation
  • News of Al Qaeda Terror cells brought down by homeland security: Beyond the Lackawanna 6, Missing from TV, print, Internet and radio
  • WMDs in Iraq posing imminent threat to US, justifying war: Missing presumed dismantled at the very last minute, though people in Iraq with information regarding this are also apparently missing
  • Tax money for the rebuilding of Iraq: Missing, presumably to be borrowed from our children's futures
  • Support from the world community for Bush's Iraqi adventure: Missing, along with our diplomacy and credibility
  • The president who campaigned that he was "a uniter, not a divider" and that he would return honor and dignity to the White House: Missing, presumed fictional
  • The Budget Surplus: Missing
  • The 1.4 million jobs Bush claimed he would create on top of the projected 4.1 million that a growing economy would create: Missing, along with than 2.7 million jobs that have evaporated during Bush's tenure
  • Any apparent progress on the Israeli/Palestinian/Mideast conflict: Missing, and now shooting across the Lebanese border and strikes into Syria have commenced
If only we could hang a picture in the post office.

Posted by James at October 9, 2003 5:09 PM
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