October 14, 2003

Officer Polite

I95So, I got stopped by the police last Friday leaving Bob and Patti's house at about 1 AM. I'd decided not to go 495 to return home, but instead to just drive East until I hit 95/128.

Well, I guess I was driving a little fast because I barely got 3 miles before a patrol car made a U-turn behind me and turned its lights on. I pulled into a parking lot and fished out my registration.

The man identified himself as a local officer of that town and warned me of the numerous changes in speed limit on that road. Truth be told, I was not going all that fast, but certainly was exceeding the speed limit. Part of why I had decided to avoid 495 was that I wanted to drive a little more slowly and see a bit of the back roads of massachusetts at night, while the state is asleep. I told him I was visiting friends and I was on my way home.

He ran my license and returned, letting me know that it would have been an expensive ticket. I acknowledged this.

"I'll try to be more careful. I didn't realize this was a 35 mph zone. I guess I just missed the sign."

"You really have to watch for those signs." he said. "And it's a twisty road. It's a long drive home for you."

"I know. I decided to come this way instead of 495 because I don't really feel like driving 495."

"Hey - you don't have to explain! It's a free country."

A free country? I've never had a police officer say anything like that before.

"Uh, OK officer. I guess I'll take it easy the rest of the way."

"Alright. Have fun."

"Have fun?" Who is this guy? All in all, a very strange stop. I came away without even a written warning. Bizarre. In the next town I was followed by a second cruiser from the time I entered the town until the time I crossed the next town line. Needless to say, I heeded the speed limits all the way home.

Posted by James at October 14, 2003 4:58 PM
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Cool cop. Guess they are friendlier in the beginning of the month.

Posted by: Mike at October 14, 2003 8:46 PM

I'm going to guess it was Lincoln where you were pulled over or followed. If you were on 117, you'd get to Lincoln in ~20 minutes from our house. They seem to have a knack of knowing who's not from their town. They have some oddly-placed 20 mph zones which, I think, were put in place in hopes of keeping people from cutting through their town to get to Rt. 2 and Cambridge (or 128).

Still, he sounds like he's a nice guy out to keep the peace and not to bust your balls.

Good thing you vacuumed up all those seeds and stems before you hit the road.

Posted by: Patti M. at October 15, 2003 3:02 PM

I told you, the stuff in that bag was tea. Julie will attest! Of course, if I had brewed it, I would have smelled of scotch. It had that peaty-smoky quality.

Posted by: James at October 15, 2003 3:13 PM

No, three miles was either Stow or Maynard. I'm guessing Stow. He was probably just lonely. Don't see too many people out at 1:30 in the morning in Stow. Also probably assumed anyone out that late was probably drinking and wanted to make sure you were not impared. If it had been Lincoln you'd have a ticket.

Posted by: Bob at October 15, 2003 4:04 PM

It's tea. It doesn't taste or smell anything like scotch when you brew it, though - otherwise I wouldn't like it.

It was Sherlock Holmes's favorite, though (maybe) so perhaps it's a bit cokey.

Posted by: julie at October 15, 2003 4:14 PM

I missed the "three mile" bit. Yep, you were probably still in our town, and the poor dude was probably lonely. All you see at 3AM in our town are coyotes, skunks, and the random house cat who's been locked out.

Posted by: Patti M. at October 15, 2003 5:14 PM

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