November 7, 2003

Fox Stupidity

Shots at Fox are like shooting fish in a barrel. It's cheap Friday blogcandy.

Nevertheless, this morning I saw two brief glimpses of FOX News, mere minutes each time, and realized that it only takes seconds of watching FOX's news organization in action before you see someone say or do something inane.

I turned the TV on and it happened to be on a FOX station -- I have no idea what program they were showing. Their morning news, I assume. There was a Limbaugh wannabee on talking to two other folks about Kennedy receiving an award from the GHW Bush library (previously posted here, another story about it here.) Okay - they were saying Kennedy didn't deserve the award. Typical fare, no surprise. But apparently that wasn't bad enough. The guy went on to say that Kennedy shouldn't have accepted the award. I'm paraphrasing here, but he said that if it were any other person, any respectful person would have said "No thanks."

Excuse me? A former president wants to honor your contribution to our nation and the respectful thing to do is to tell him to take a hike?

About an 40 minutes later I turned off the videotape I was watching and the same show was still on. The same dweeb was still on the show. This time he was making fun of a cameraman who fell over while he was covering a news story. The poor guy tripped on a fire hydrant. They showed it over and over and over again (I must have seen the fall literally 14 times in the span of about 4 minutes.) What made the cameraman's misfortune newsworthy for the FOX audience? He was covering a Kerry rally.

See the humor in it? Ha ha. Cameraman covering Kerry rally fall down go boom. You think there are many people in their regular viewing audience complaining about the quality of that programming. I bet not.

Posted by James at November 7, 2003 12:05 PM
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