November 11, 2003

Iraq, As Planned?

When I say "as planned" I'm referring, of course, to the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein. Scott Ritter writes of finding evidence during his search for WMDs that Saddam was preparing for just such a war as we are now seeing.

What I saw - and passed on to US intelligence agencies - were what might be called the blueprints of the postwar insurgency that the US now faces in Iraq. And they implied two important facts that US authorities must understand:

o The tools and tactics killing Americans today in Iraq are those of the former regime, not imported from abroad.

o The anti-US resistance in Iraq today is Iraqi in nature, and more broadly based and deeply rooted than acknowledged.

Perhaps the Bush administration is aware of this, despite their public pronouncements. But the Bush strategy continues to baffle me. Wouldn't it be better to say you knew this was going to happen, prepare for it and then execute your plan? I expect so... unless you didn't expect and plan for it. And then the only way to continue politically is to slime and defend, spin and distort.

I think some things are going very well in Iraq at the moment. But how well will those things be going in Iraq if we're looking at a long term city-based guerrilla war being fought not by foreigners, but by Iraqis themselves (even if they are from the former regime)? If this war is a long hard slog, when does the actual peace and democracy begin? And when the hell do we get our troops home?

Posted by James at November 11, 2003 11:13 AM
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