November 21, 2003

Devil's Rain - (capsule review)

Last night, I finally saw the end of Devil's Rain, a schlocky 70's horror film with Bill Shatner, Ernie Borgnine, Eddie Albert, Tom Skerritt and John Travolta. Anton LaVey (of Church of Satan fame) even makes an appearance, and consults on the story).

Afterward, I searched the net and found there were plenty of concise, accurate reviews on this film already. I can't help but be a little repetitive in my treatment, because there isn't much to say about this film.

I'll give you the summary.

[Spoilers follow, but you're not watching this film for the plot -- trust me]

Shatner's dad is missing. The devil worshipers got him. They want a book that's been in his family for centuries. Why are they just coming after it now? Who knows? Shatner goes after them. That turns out to be a mistake. Then his brother and psychic sister-in-law join in the fun. Of course, that was a mistake, too. Eddie Albert is the only one who seems to know anything about handling Satanists, and Borgnine is having a grand old time turning people into eyeless zombies.

It rains, they all melt, surprise ending, roll credits.

What can you say about a film in which the second half seems to be completely dominated by one extremely long scene where a bunch of devil worshipers melt? I could point out the overacting, but I've already told you Shatner is in it, so you've made that assumption yourself. I could tell you that Earnest Borgnine himself is the scariest thing about this film - especially when he doesn't have the demonic ram-like makeup on, which ironically makes him seem a little less threatening (the petting zoo effect, I suppose).

Perhaps I can give you some advice. Don't see this film alone. Not because it will frighten you at all, but rather because you need someone else to commiserate with you, and to debate what the nonsensical ending means. It's so schlocky, it's almost a must see.

Posted by James at November 21, 2003 10:50 AM
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