November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving

I didn't think many of you would be visiting the site today, but a hearty "Happy Thanksgiving" greeting to you if you are checking in here this late.

And, as a reward, here's a discussion of why you feel so tired after eating Thanksgiving dinner.

I know why I feel tired. Even though we visit my parents', I usually carve the ham and the turkey and make my ultra-garlic mashed potatoes. This year, I also baked an apple pie. Mmmmmmm Pie. A good time was had by all. Instead of football (the Patriots weren't playing) we played no limit Hold-Em. For pride, not money. My family is competitive enough that it's almost like a game for real money. My Dad won, of course.

Aside from all the Thanksgiving brouhaha, real competitive poker makes you very tired. In one session at the casino I played for 6 hours (not a long stretch by most real poker player's standards) and was too focussed to attend to food or liquid needs. I felt like i had been hit by a truck when we left -- but I was ahead when I left.

Posted by James at November 27, 2003 10:51 PM
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