December 6, 2003

First Snowstorm

The first snow storm of the season has left its mark on the landscape, and not a few cars which hit both movable and immovable objects.

Driving was pretty bad gettign home last night with fun spinouts, people driving too fast and stop and go traffic on 195. When I got home I was glad to be there. Today I ventured out briefly to the hardware store (LOVE the hardware store) to get supplies so that staying in all weekend will be productive. Of course, there will be time for some fun, too. And perhaps cocoa by the fire.

A storm like this gives you the best and the worst of New England. I know some folks hate it, but I have to admit that a little shovelling doesn't bother me, and it's actually not a hardship to be stuck at home with the many diversions that books, renovating, the internet, DVDs and the kids have to offer.

Posted by James at December 6, 2003 2:07 PM
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I do like the part about having a good excuse to stay at home, and it was sort of fun playing with the dog in the snow (would have been more fun if I'd had better gloves). I wasn't prepared for this, though. I have to do most of my shopping on weekends, so the timing wasn't great! (Especially since I had hoped to do some xmas shopping this weekend!)

Posted by: julie at December 6, 2003 4:24 PM

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