December 11, 2003

Model Father He Ain't

"I want her dead," Officer Robert A. Ramos told the would-be hit man in a meeting secretly recorded by the FBI. "Whatever is easier for you to get the job done -- just so you do the job completely," he continued. "It would have to look like it didn't come from me. That's all I'm really worried about."
Officer Ramos, a Dartmouth correctional officer decided to try to hire someone to knock off his ex-girlfriend. Ostensibly, he was sick of paying child support. That last line above really gets me. "It would have to look like it didn't come from me." If you were the FBI informant this guy had hired as a hit man (oops!) wouldn't you have been tempted to say to the guy "Well, DUH!"

To underscore what a conscientious fellow Officer Ramos (allegedly) is:

At one point during the investigation, Mr. Ramos dropped off half the $5,000 for the murder with his and the woman's 3-year-old son in the back seat of his car.
At an October meeting in Providence with the hit man -- who was by that time an informant for the FBI -- Mr. Ramos drew a map of his former girlfriend's home, indicating where his son's room was and where the target's room was, Ms. Cline said.
It was all right to kill the woman while their son was home, Mr. Ramos allegedly told the ex-convict.
But if he did it that way, he wanted to make sure it was before one of Mr. Ramos' visitation days: He didn't want the youngster at home with a dead mother too long, Ms. Cline recounted.

Listen fellas, if you can't figure out how to use your brain, a condom, or preferably both, you shouldn't be having sex. Because you shouldn't be having children. Yes -- I understand some relationships go sour. But maybe before opening the possibility of combining your genetic information with someone else's, you should ask yourself "Is this the kind of person I'm going to want to take a contract out on if we end up having a child and I get sick of the payments?" Think of all the trouble that could be avoided it people just took a moment to consider that at an opportune time. Ladies, this could apply equally to you!

We also learn that tough economic times can really slow down a project, and even people hiring killers get stressed out around the holidays.

In November, Mr. Ramos allegedly told the informant the only reason the woman was still alive was that he didn't have the money to pay for the hit.
He did stress, according to federal documents, that he wanted the "job" done before Christmas.
(Link to story in NB Standard Times)

Posted by James at December 11, 2003 1:41 PM
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I think that is the cop that punched me as a kid. Hope he rots in the belly of the "Worm".

Posted by: Rob at December 17, 2003 12:47 AM

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