December 15, 2003


The reclusive celebrity mega star known only as "Saddam" was finally caught by paparazzi today somewhere outside his hometown. Sly Saddam had hoped to avoid the cameras, but an admiring public is not so easily put off! Sporting the stylish new beard that is unquestionably about to become the next big fashion statement to sweep the dictatorati, Saddam gave in and posed for the cameras, even giving a DNA sample or two for his adoring admirers.

Sources say the excitement was difficult to stifle as folks shot guns in the air like makeshift fireworks. It is reported that Saddam will return to Baghdad for a celebrity roast which will involve a rehash of all his most notable exploits, followed by a grand finale in which his fans will finally be able to pay him back just a little bit of what he has given them throughout his storied career.

Posted by James at December 15, 2003 2:04 AM
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ABC News reported yesterday that 4 were killed and 60 injured by celebratory gunfire. Oh, the irony!

Posted by: julie at December 15, 2003 8:32 PM

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