December 18, 2003

Inexplicable Doctor Behavior

A harrowing tale of Steve's reminded me of a story of my own. Mine was a completely different situation (trivial compared to someone in medical distress), but another example of inexplicable doctor behavior.

I was trying to get my marriage license in Rhode Island and it turned out that I did not have a doctors note stating that I had been informed of the dangers of STDs. Of course, I knew the dangers of STDs, (I'm pretty well informed, and was even 13 years ago) I just didn't have the note.

There was a GP's doctor's office across the street from the town hall, and Maggie and I went over there to see if the doctor was in. As I stood in a nearly empty reception area, I was informed that he was, in fact, in. I explained to the receptionist that I'd like to speak to the doctor -- that I needed him to sign a note saying I'd been informed of the danger of STDs. I didn't want to have to take more time off from work (a new job), and then yet more time to come back for the marriage license. I explained that I was very knowledgeable on the subject and was willing to be quizzed, if necessary. I'd pay for the time, I just needed the note.

After conveying the message to the doctor, she came back and told me "No, the doctor will not see you."

I tried to make my case again, but I got nowhere. And I got no explanation as to what the basis was for his refusal. Apparently, I didn't even deserve that.

To this day I have no idea why the doctor wouldn't give me the note, nor why he would even give me a good reason not to. The sensible conclusion, of course, is that he was just a jerk.

Maggie dragged me out of the place before I caused a scene. Which, I swear, would not have happened. But she was taking no chances.

Posted by James at December 18, 2003 1:06 PM
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We got our marriage license at the end of this summer in NH. We had to sign a paper saying we understood the dangers yadda yadda yadda. What was funny though was that they gave us a "gift" sampler pack that had been put together by local merchants. It included coupons and a sample of laundry detergent with instructions on how to wash clothes. Maybe instead they should make you sign a paper saying that you know how to do your own laundry before issuing you a marriage license. :-)

Posted by: Jim at December 18, 2003 3:49 PM

We were married in San Francisco (well, in Muir Woods, just outside of SF).

No blood test.
No witnesses.
No doctor bullshit.

Just us, the judge, and a chipmonk.

Hassle-free was my objective, and that's what I got.

Afterwards, we went for a nice hike and at dinner that night, I mentioned we had just been married, and they brought us nice slices of delicious chocolate cake with the word "congratulations" written on the rim of the plate in chocolate sauce.

We recommend to anyone contemplating marriage: just go and do it. Skip the usual fiasco.

Posted by: Patti M. at December 18, 2003 4:45 PM

I got married in RI earlier this year. They didn't ask me any questions about STDs.. at least not that I remember.

Posted by: David Grenier at December 18, 2003 8:31 PM

I hear they give you an even harder time if you're gay.

Posted by: James at December 19, 2003 10:05 AM

Or even just telling waitresses you just got maried for free desserts!!!

Posted by: Bob at December 22, 2003 9:16 AM

Bob, don't encourage people to lie.

Posted by: Patti M. at December 23, 2003 10:38 AM

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