December 21, 2003

Web Game Mania

It amazes me that there are free games on the web that are as good as or better than games we paid to play in arcades when I was a kid.

One such fun diversion is "A Blast" - a down-scrolling shooter in the model of Galaxian.

There are games that people put together just to promote a film. Like Eight Legged Freaks, which is a passable first-person shooter.Actually, this little game is as good a some of the games that Disney Interactive put together and sold for the N64 just a couple of years ago. (Which is not saying much, but still).

Then there are games like Flygirrl whose purpose in this world is very unclear. But they're kinda fun anyhow. Flygirrl jumps on the heads of male partygoers while avoiding the dreaded "booty boogie." Bizarre.

Posted by James at December 21, 2003 1:41 PM
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"A Blast" is actually a little more like Astro-Blaster, which was my favorite video game EVER!!!

(KLOV website is a great way to kill an afternoon!)

Posted by: julie at December 22, 2003 12:38 AM

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