December 26, 2003

F**k Beef

So. Remind me of why I should continue to eat beef? I suppose some people would say it's silly to be afraid to continue to eat beef. However, I've been watching this for a little while and it has seemed to me that the cattle industry has been making an effort not to find BSE in the cattle population, rather than trying to find it. It was more in their interest not to find it, because new cases of vCJD would be easy for them to ignore so long as they didn't locate BSE in the cattle population. Even upon finding the recent case in Washington state, there were still objections from the cattle industry on tighter controls to limit the spread of BSE in the cattle population, and prevent humans from exposure which has been implicated in new variant CJD.

I love beef. But I see a lot of interests involved in the beef industry that are not in line with my health interests. If I felt they held best interests paramount, perhaps I would feel safer. But that's not the case. Their interest is keeping the flow of beef into the American population.

I sincerely hope this incident will be a wakeup call. What I would like to see is safe, if expensive, beef. What good is cheap, unsafe beef? No, we will be using ground turkey were we previously used ground beef. Many of our Lebanese dishes call for ground lamb or beef, and we've found them to be more than satisfactory with turkey instead. I will miss it in beef tacos from No Problemo.

But "brain wasting" is not a very appetizing phrase.

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Posted by James at December 26, 2003 7:35 PM
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Wait... do you mean lamb is off limits too? :-(

Posted by: julie at December 28, 2003 12:27 PM

Looks like the mad cow was born in Canada.

via the NY Times

Posted by: Jim at January 7, 2004 6:24 PM

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