December 31, 2003


Things are all a-buzz here. Tonight I'll make Belgian waffles to ring in the new year. Belgian waffles and champagne.

There's not time for any proper blog posts, but here's a little story that no one seems to be talking too much about (except liberals). Ashcroft came to the conclusion that he's better distance himself from the Plame investigation and has appointed a special counsel.

Why now? Maybe he figures the press corps is too busy being drunk this time of year to notice.

Following up on the Mad Cow story, the NYT had this yesterday. It was a little encouraging, in that perhaps there is a threshold of exposure, or some other factor which governs whether or not a person develops vCJD after eating infected beef. But the kids will still be kept from beef. And I'm not eating the grounds stuff, and limiting my exposure to other beef products as much as possible.

Posted by James at December 31, 2003 11:14 AM
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