January 5, 2004

Quick Stolen Links

Two comments on links stolen from curious frog's "elsewhere" remaindered links section.

  1. Here's a link to someone's list of the top nude scenes of 2003 (NSFW - nude images)(p.s. Duh!) In any case, that seemed fairly banal to me. And pretty easy to compile. Not much thought needs to go into it. How about a more interesting "worst nude scenes of 2003." another interesting possibility would be "most uncomfortable/awkward nude scenes" or even "least plot-related nude scenes." C'mon people. Let's see some creativity. Even the sense of longing evoked by a "top missed-opportunity non-nude scenes" would add spice to the day. "Top nude scenes" is far too obvious.
  2. Risking segue whiplash, I give you the Mars Rover Blog. If you have no sense of wonder for the exploration of other planets, I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do for you. Go back to watching Celebrity Mole or somesuch.

Posted by James at January 5, 2004 3:46 PM
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Wow, I posted the link to the Mars Rover blog too but I ripped it off from the main MT page.

So here's the question: Is interest in space exploration a 'guy thing'? I can't get enough but the women in my life seem completely unimpressed...

Posted by: Steve at January 7, 2004 1:08 PM

It might tend to appeal more to men. But my daughters were really into this animation NASA put together:


Katherine was interested in facts about Mars, but Mattie was more interested in whether Spirit was happy or sad, and delighted that the lander opened like a flower. Both were amused by the bouncing.

I dunno. Katherine seems on her way to appreciating science. Mattie is a lot less interested.

Posted by: James at January 7, 2004 3:17 PM

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