January 5, 2004

Post Positive

Bella asks about a previous post entitled Positive. "What did this turn out to be?" she asks.

Well, for those interested, I'll tell you. The short answer is "Nothing."

I have to admit, I did not return to the doctor for further tests. The symptom in question was a swelling above my clavicle. It appeared to be a fatty pad in an odd place. I was checked for Cushingoid Syndrome (my hormone levels were tested). No high levels of cortisol. Then I had the test for lymph node abnormalities. Negative on that, too.

My doctor did say there were more sensitive tests for the body's ability to adjust cortisol levels, but he didn't seem at all concerned with what appears to be a fatty deposit. Further tests don't appear warranted. Since the worrisome has been fairly ruled out, I'm assuming it's just oddly-located fat.

If I can lose some weight, I'm guessing it will go away.

Posted by James at January 5, 2004 5:33 PM
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