January 7, 2004

Border Dispute

I can't let this go by without a comment here. Rhode Island and Connecticut are locked in a bitter land dispute that threatens to tear apart the chowder-loving world.

Has it really come to this? We in Massachusetts want to help. We're just waiting to see who will offer the most for us to step in. Hey, we have our budget problems.

The proximity of Providence to my Homeland can be a good or a bad thing for Rhode Island patriots seeking aid in these tumultuous times. On the one hand, as Bil points out in a comment, we get the Providence media over our airwaves. So the propaganda is there.

On the other hand, we often see Rhode Island-registered cars driving aggressively on east 195, giving rise to the fear that a force of Ocean-Staters will cross Narragansett Bay one of these days screaming "For Pell!" or somesuch and waving their quahogging rakes. Boston may well disown us in our time of need and we'll all suddenly be drinking even more coffee milk than usual.

Frightening times.

Can we expect rational thought from a state which spells its name the way "Connecticut" does, or from a state which calls itself an island, but isn't? I'd best stop here before I find myself a political prisoner forced to work on the Providence Plantations.

Posted by James at January 7, 2004 6:58 PM
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