January 22, 2004

A Face Not Even Evite Could Love

So I may as well fill you in about the Evite situation.

Last week I decided to add a profile picture to my Evite account to help people recognize me there. No big deal, Evite doesn't get a ton of use, but has its advantages.

The first photo I sent was one of a pumpkin I carved a couple of years ago. I've used it as an avatar at EAForums, and a number of people recognize me by it. So it seemed somewhat appropriate. The next day I go tthe following email:

Subj: Your Photo Is Deleted
Dear JP,

Thank you for uploading a photo to your My Info page.

Unfortunately, we had to take down your photo because the one you posted contains animals, children, cartoons, comics, celebrities, nudity, artwork, or copyrighted images.

Please go back to My Info to post another photo of yourself. [...]


The Evite Team

I was disappointed, but no biggie, right? I read the TOS for the site, so it really seemed like they wanted a face. Anything else was going to be nixed. So I found a picture of my face that was not unacceptable to me. Definitely my face. Cropped enough not to frighten the children too much. Shades on covering the black eye I got fighting evil. Or bumping into a wall.

Anyhow, a day after that, I got an email message with a familiar subject line.

Subj: Your Photo Is Deleted
Was my photo being mistaken for that of a celebrity? Ruth Buzzi perhaps? Bob Hope? Hervé Villechaize? Jessica Simpson? Sure, the likenesses are baffling, shouldn't they take me at my word. I sent them an email (edited to remove backstory):
You've rejected my profile image twice in a week.

The first was a picture of a jack o'lantern that I often use [...]

So my second image was this one, of my own face taken in my own car with my own camera. And now you've removed that one
also. [...]

Did my jack o'lantern make someone there angry?

After a number of days had passed, I got a friendly response.

Upload the image [of my face] and I will not take it down. We want images of the
person who created the profile. It looks like it was just a mistake. I do
not remember the Jack O lantern image, but I would have to take it down.

If you have any problems with the image again, let me know.

Customer Service

Fine and dandy! To be as accommodating as possible, I cropped out some more of the background and lightened the image to make it more discernible. I arrived at the photo displayed here with this entry. And I triumphantly uploaded it to Evite's website, happy that the misunderstanding had been handled fairly amicably.

The next day. I checked my email as I always do. Lookee here! "Subj: Your Photo Is Deleted"

[Epilogue: I replied to them once again, this time sending the new photo along. I checked this morning and some kind soul has re-uploaded the photo for me. I sent a brief "Thank You."]

Posted by James at January 22, 2004 10:54 AM
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Weird. They must think you look like a pumpkin.

A friend of mine who uses Evite a lot... at least once a week we'll get an invitation to something and he even used to send Evites to his girlfriend for lunch. Last summer Evite told him that he was one of their top 10 users. So I'm thinking he might have some pull if you ever need more help getting something resolved.

Posted by: Mike at January 22, 2004 12:28 PM

They've been generally nice about dealing with the problem, and it's now resolved. Which means I was robbed of the opportunity to create the spoof web page "I Evite you to Kiss My Ass" or somesuch.

So Evite gets the thumbs up.

Your friend seems to use Evite as his own personal assistant. Interesting idea.

Posted by: James at January 22, 2004 1:16 PM

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