January 25, 2004

Conflagration and Loss

One of the most disruptive things that can happen to a family is to lose a house in a fire. That is just what happened to an unfortunate family in our town.

I don't know these people, but in a small town it's nearly impossible for something like this to happen without there being some connection. I've live hear nearly my whole life.

This was a house I often rode my bicycle past when I was a teenager, and probably never took a second look at. It is three houses down from the place where a cousin of mine, who is like a brother to me, spent his childhood.

One of the firefighters was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. For many years he lived right across from us.

It is heartwarming to see how the community respoonds. It seems many people are trying to help them get back on their feet. The brownie troop which my daughters attend and which my wife co-leads is donating clothing and other items to the family. We've also offered some of our own small help. And even the girls have donated some of thier toys to the little girl. Kit got quite excited about it.

I find that when you have to explain a situation to children, it often has more of a personal impact. You have to mull it over in your brain to make it understandable to children why you're trying to help these folks you don't know... what has happened to them. It quickly becomes very personal.

Posted by James at January 25, 2004 8:23 PM
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