January 31, 2004

Padanaram Winter Drive

Padanaram Harbor is frozen solid. How do I know this?

I know it because some fella drove out onto the harbor when he took a very wrong turn.

Lt. Cotta said Mr. Sylvia was parked at the boat ramp at the town landing, then drove his 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier from the ramp across the harbor, heading in an easterly direction and parallel with the causeway.
He sais he thought he was on Gulf Road, but it sounds like he was driving straight across the harbor. I didn't have time to run out and check out the tracks to try to figure out what this fellow was thinking, but you can see from the picture in the Standard TImes story that they had to crane-lift it out of the harbor.

As Ryan pointed out, you can't make this shit up.

Posted by James at January 31, 2004 12:09 PM
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