January 31, 2004

Spam Spigot

Spam has reached an unbelievable level in my in box. I use POPfile to filter, and it does an excellent job, but I would still prefer to have less spam. I do miss an occasional email.

The image you see here is an illustration of how my mail gets sorted. You can see the percentages of different categories. Nearly 80% of my email is spam!. And It's nearly all going to one of my email addresses... the one I use for work. I'm considering abandoning that address. The problem is, that address has been around forever, it's been mentioned on USENET and so it has been compromised for a very long time.

I'm wondering what the easiest way to dump an email address might be. I'm thinking I could, perhaps, set up an auto responder which points the sender to a web page which contains a link to my new email address (in one of the safer forms of email address posting).

Posted by James at January 31, 2004 2:37 PM
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