February 4, 2004

That's The Booze Talking

Menino blames colleges, liquor for tumult

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, facing questions over inadequate police response to crowd eruptions after the Super Bowl, yesterday blamed the chaos on local colleges and a new law allowing the sale of liquor on Sundays. [...]
Students found it easier to buy more alcohol under the new law, Menino said: "They were able to run to the store when they ran out of beverage and stock up. It's wrong."
There is no doubt that rowdy, destructive drunk people are a menace. No doubt either that a few often ruin things for the many. But the above doesn't add up.

The blue law repeal is to blame for the problems of rowdiness on Super Bowl Sunday? We're supposed to believe that the only day this sort of thing can happen on is a Sunday when the blue laws could be in effect? If buying liquor when you run out is bad, why not ban all liquor sales? What makes Sunday so special? Ah - the Super Bowl was on Sunday. But, while we're flailing to lay blame, somehow we didn't grasp on the Super Bowl (which Mayor Menino attended in person) as a scapegoat.

On a day when everyone knew the city would be dealing with rowdiness one way or another, the mayor is out of town. Mayor Menino - feeling a bit defensive regarding your absence in the city's time of need? It sure seems so.

Posted by James at February 4, 2004 2:31 AM
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