February 4, 2004

Patriots In Person

I saw the New England Patriots yesterday. No, I wasn't at the rally.

We were driving up to Boston Childrens hospital for an appointment with my daughter's doctor yesterday afternoon at about 2:30 PM. On the Southeast Expressway somewhere near exit 10 or thereabouts, I noticed flashing lights on the opposite side of the expressway, traveling south. It was three large busses surrounded by a number of police cruisers, al with their lights on. Ahead of the busses the traffic was nonexistent. Behind the busses there was a huge knot of cars. As they passed us, cars around us beeped their horns in a salute to the players who likely heard none of it inside their vehicles. No doubt there was some sort of full-bore party going on here, sliced into 3 bus-sized pieces and moving down the highway towards Foxboro.

A few minutes after seeing the busses, a huge line of police motorcycles scooted past all the traffic to join the escort.

And that was that.

Posted by James at February 4, 2004 2:43 PM
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