February 16, 2004


Welcome - MT-Blacklist to Aces Full of Links.

All comments and trackback pings are now filtered against the master blacklist. You (hopefully) won't see anything different, but it should prevent spammers from keeping me busy behind-the-scenes deleting comment spam. Ironically, I just had a conversation with Mika about what we do when we get comment spam. In the last 2 days or so, I've seen a rise in comment spam hits. As I get more hits, they will be added to the blacklist. I've turned on blacklist publishing, and so anyone who is interested can see a copy of my master blacklist here.

In the few minutes between when I downloaded MT-Blacklist to the server and activated it, I got a spam. Blacklist flagged it once I turned it on. Yay.

Posted by James at February 16, 2004 4:38 PM
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I've had the mt-blacklist since I switched over to MT in October, I've had I think 4 comments get through, it's been great.

Posted by: Bil at February 16, 2004 9:20 PM

I've only had one comment spam so far since switching to MT in Dismember.

However, I keep getting "referer spam", which is annoying as fuck. Generally its for paris-hilton sites, or presidential candidates. If my stats are to be believe John Kerry's "blog" is driving a user to my site every day, even though there are no links there to my site. I got the same from Clark, Dean, and Carol Mosely Braun. Ironically even though I was the state coordinator for the Kucinich campaign I never got referer spam from there, nor from edwards or sharpton.

Posted by: David Grenier at February 17, 2004 1:31 PM

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