February 17, 2004

"It's Official"

It’s Official. I hate my current layout. I hate it to pieces. You wake up one morning from a drunken night of HTML editing and look at your monitor with a start… “What was I thinking!!?!”

So, now I’ll be trolling the web for ideas to steal borrow. An elegant-looking blog takes some work. I know some sites I love to look at, but many of them belong to people I really like, and I don’t want to steal borrow too heavily. Also, my content is different. Different content warrants a different type of design and layout.

I have never figured out what the hell my weblog is about. That may be part of the problem.

I know content is king. There are a number of weblogs whose layouts I really don’t like, but whose content I keep returning to because I love it. But, gosh darn it — nothing beats a purty weblog that loads fast and has fun stuff inside.

So, I’m announcing this publicly to help me not wimp out. I will get a better design. This I vow!

(Now I’m in for it)

Posted by James at February 17, 2004 7:50 PM
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Your layout looks okay to me.

It's a fish shawl:

Posted by: Mike at February 17, 2004 10:50 PM

Nice shawl!

I want one that looks neater. I don't want to go all apenasty on the site and tear it apart. There are things I like. But I want more personality and clarity.

I want the magic!

Posted by: James at February 18, 2004 1:24 AM

I like the new typeface.

Posted by: julie at February 18, 2004 9:36 AM

Yea, I don't like my blog design either, but I just don't have time to mess with it. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with so that I can steal ... um ... borrow maybe ...

Posted by: Brandon at February 18, 2004 10:21 AM

i've found websoup to be a great starting point in looking for inspiration:


Posted by: beth at February 18, 2004 1:08 PM

The new typeface is Trebuchet MS. It only works in some places (on Windows and in IE) but it has good readability.

Thanks for that pointer, Beth. I'll check out Websoup.

Posted by: James at February 18, 2004 2:21 PM

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