February 20, 2004

Culture-War President

Arianna Huffington weighs in on GWB’s administration. It’s time to rev up the culture war to get the focus off Bush’s mis-leading.

You would think the Christian right has more pressing matters to worry about. America now has 35 million people living in poverty, many of them working poor. And Christian conservatives are up in arms about gay marriage?

That’s right. Keep the focus where it’s important. Not on Bush’s failure in “returning honor and dignity to the White House.”

But the real message is that Bush is the best choice to fight terrorism, right? All the resources available are attuned to that. He’s a war president. But, I forgot—-Ashcroft is on the job!

But that�s not even the worst of it. The Justice Department has recently assigned a team of FBI agents to focus exclusively on adult obscenity cases. That�s right, with the war on terror in full swing, our war president is going to have a group of G-men doing nothing but working the porn beat when they could be tracking down � oh, I don�t know � terrorist sleeper cells. Talk about your misguided allocation of manpower. I don�t know about you, but I certainly feel safer knowing the feds are going to be keeping close tabs on Jenna Jameson.

I feel safer already.

As a fun (only slightly-related) bonus, here’s an old transcript from a press briefing in May 2001. Ari Fleischer comparing apples and apples and trying to tell the press corps that one’s an orange. It’s classic, it’s Friday, it’s good for you, so read it. :) (Skip down to after “MR. FLEISCHER: I just indicated what their reaction was.”)

Posted by James at February 20, 2004 1:05 AM
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I don't think Kerry can beat Bush. He doesn't appear to have much of a message. This has me very nervous... the last 4 years have seen some of the worst mismanagement and policy coming out of the White House that I can remember. I daresay Reagan and Bush Sr were far better presidents than Dubya.

The country remains divided though. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that the democratic party takes back the white house.

Oh, I can also hope that Nader doesn't run again. I'm sure Bush would love it if that happened.

Posted by: Chuck S. at February 20, 2004 10:32 AM

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