February 24, 2004

$13 and change

I got $13.86 in the mail yesterday in the form of a settlement check from a class action lawsuit. So did Julie. If you’re one of 67,998 other Massachusetts residents, you did as well.

Forty states, including Massachusetts, brought an antitrust lawsuit against several major players in the music industry, claiming they prevented stores such as Best Buy from undercutting prices of more traditional music stores, including Tower Records…

Industry officials denied any wrongdoing. Nevertheless, they agreed this month to a $142 million settlement in which $75.5 million worth of music compact discs will be distributed to public libraries across the country and another $67.4 million will be given to 3.5 million consumers who joined the class-action suit…

…In Massachusetts, starting this week, some 68,000 consumers will each receive a check for $13.86.

I only vaguely remember signing up for this online at some time or other.

What’s even more cool than getting $13.86 is what this means for libraries in MA.

For every 30,000 residents a library serves, a library will be getting 500 CDs from the music industry. The city of New Bedford, for example, will be getting something like 1500 CDs for residents to listen to and borrow. Fall River is comparable.

I spoke to the the very friendly people at the Somerset Public Library and they said they will also be getting some CDs from the settlement, though they are not sure how many they’ll get or how they will be sent. The Globe article seems to say there is no choosing involved—the industry sends what it sends, though they have promised a variety. I’m guessing that, with Somerset’s population, they’ll be getting on the order of 330 CDs. Nifty!

CD settlement is music to librarians’ ears (Boston.com)

Posted by James at February 24, 2004 1:46 PM
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