February 25, 2004

North vs. South

No, not the Civil War. It’s whether you’re going north or south on the roads around Boston. Every person who has driven in and around Boston knows that there are times you can simultaneously be going north and south because of the signage regarding Route 128 and Interstate 93. Now it appears there is a plan to change that.

Exit ahead for Rte. 128 (found via curious frog)

My fond memories of dodging bad drivers will not be as romantic without the label “Route 128.”

Ah, but nothing will prevent me from recalling life in the breakdown lane at rush hour (legal!) After a few nights you’d memorize exactly where all the potholes and road hazards were. It was the closest that driving has ever come to being like a video game. At a constant speed, avoiding obstacles was a matter of timing. Gas—break—gas—break—swerve left—swerve right—gas—break, etc. Meeeeemories.

Posted by James at February 25, 2004 8:08 PM
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