March 23, 2004

Why Clarke Is Right

Please indulge me through another Clarke post.

I have no doubt that Richard Clarke, the former National Security Council official who has launched a broadside against President Bush’s counterterrorism policies, is telling the truth about every single charge. There are three reasons for this confidence.

First, his basic accusations are consistent with tales told by other officials, including some who had no significant dealings with Clarke.

Second, the White House’s attempts at rebuttal have been extremely weak and contradictory. […]

Third, I went to graduate school with Clarke in the late 1970s […] There were good things and dubious things about Clarke, traits that inspired both admiration and leeriness. […] Both sets of traits tell me he’s too shrewd to write or say anything in public that might be decisively refuted.

Dick Clarke Is Telling the Truth: Why he’s right about Bush’s negligence on terrorism. By Fred Kaplan

Posted by James at March 23, 2004 9:44 PM
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