March 26, 2004

Neither Pets Nor Meat

Chuck discusses the case of some rabbits (babies, the size of chicken eggs) who were suffering and dying, put out of their misery by an agricultural science teacher in front of her 15-18 year-old class. (Today’s Lesson — How to Kill Baby Animals)

I heard this story, and it immediately made me think of “Pets or Meat” in Roger and Me.

Anyone remember the rabbit lady? In the middle of the movie, while she’s talking to Moore, she breaks a rabbit’s neck and skins it in seconds. The context is important, of course. Much of what is acceptable in one context becomes outrageous when taken out of context.

As long as she tried to do it in a humane way (i.e. quickly, like beheading them), I don’t fault her much. Did she use bad judgment? I would have liked to have been there to really judge. I think the kids were old enough to understand. If she had made a bigger deal about it by saying “I’m going to do this, but I’m going to do it later while you’re not watching.” I think she would have given more weight to the idea that she was doing something wrong. It?s a tough call.

I once ran over a rabbit hole with a lawn mower and had baby rabbits emerge at an inopportune time. I didn’t know the rabbits were there, and it bothered me. It was completely needless, pointless and gory, but I got over it. These rabbits were spared further suffering. I don’t feel a sense of outrage, just that the situation was unfortunate.

Posted by James at March 26, 2004 11:39 AM
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