March 30, 2004

Gay Clarke's New Show!

Is it true that the next attack on Richard Clarke will be that he’s gay?

I guess time will tell. But this gives me a great idea for a new TV show on Bravo!

Counterterrorist Eye for the Iraq-Obsessed Guy!

Basically, you turn Clarke’s book into a TV series. Watch as Clarke tries repeatedly to get Iraq-focused Bushies to put down their Saddam fetish for a moment and consider what had been learned about global terrorism in the past 8 years.

Posted by James at March 30, 2004 10:10 AM
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It's been coming for a while. I read somewhere - I wish I could remember where - that there were whispers about an "unorthodox personal life."

I'm tempted to say that the WH won't come right out with it, but who knows.. Remember the ABC journalist with the compound sin of being gay AND Canadian? These people are mean as cat piss.

Rush, or Scarborough, or Novak will drop hints until even Yankees fans will be able to figure it out.

Posted by: Steve at March 30, 2004 3:11 PM

Actually, that would not be the first time something like that happened.

Look back in history, and during the Senate Unamerican Activities hearings, the most damming evidence was from an Army Dentist. During the hearings, the Democrats "outed" him, and turned the trial from Communism to Homosexuality.

How interesting to see how politics change things. 50 years ago, being gay was worse then being a communist.

Posted by: Mushroom at April 3, 2004 8:39 PM

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