April 2, 2004

Pentyl Ethanoate, Among Other Things

  • The activity downstairs is distracting. The “policy analysis” folks who use the other offices in our building are in the middle of a big survey project. It’s a bit distracting, because the people manning the phones are coming and going frequently, and using the stairs. A young woman stopped to ask me where someone’s office was. She was about 15 feet away, but a very strong tropical fruit aroma wafted my way, and lingered for quite a while. I’m guessing she washed her hair with a product containing pentyl ethanoate, among other esthers. It made me want a strawberry banana smoothie.
  • I’m not the only person depressed by the political landscape. But Chuck wrote a poem and I didn’t.
  • Air America Radio is great! If it’s too busy on their main website, check out AM 620 KPOJ — an alternate internet feed. The O’Franken factor is definitely a balm for sore ears—like listening to a funny friend. Franken has a great “Rush Limbaugh” voice. The other shows are great, too. I haven’t had a chance to catch Janeane Garofalo’s show yet, but I’m looking forward to it. They just played an extended interview with Richard Clarke. G. Gordon Liddy is about to come on to elaborate about why he thinks O’Reilly is a “disgrace.” Apparently, Liddy and Franken are friends.
Posted by James at April 2, 2004 3:25 PM
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James: Thanks for the kind words and the link. Please note that there are three active authors at Bad Attitudes, though Jerome Doolittle is clearly our maximum leader.


Posted by: Lead Balloons at April 2, 2004 5:06 PM

It's a great quote, LB. Thanks for the correction.

It made me think of a great moment on The Family Guy.

"I need an adult. I need an adult."

Posted by: James at April 2, 2004 5:14 PM

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