May 1, 2004

You Paid For It

Greg comments on the horrors of the atrocities in Iraq.

We will look back in years to come and say that there was never much chance this would turn out well for us. There was no planning, poor planning or they didn’t heed the planning for after “major combat operations.”

The Iraqi people were not looking for another occupying force. They were not looking for what will certainly be perceived as a return of the imperialists.

And the simple idea of patriotism… it is so important to Americans yet so absent from our minds when we think about other cultures.

When we have pride in our country, our stories come from our nation’s past. When we think of how we won our freedom, we think of how we fought for it, not how some occupying force came here and freed us from the British. What story do the Iraqis have? What story will they be left with? How will it fit into their existing history?

You can’t give them a story. They have to make a story.

As for the atrocities…I can’t articulate a decent response at the moment. Except, perhaps, that I can’t believe the people who have posted to CBS’ s website saying they should not have done the story. I have to think that those people don’t care how the Arabs are killed, so long as they are good and killed.

You Paid For It.

And you will continue to pay for it.

Posted by James at May 1, 2004 1:51 AM
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Is it just me or does anyone else sense that Arabs have become something less than human to many Americans?

I made the mistake of reading Little Green Footballs the other day and it's literally one anti-Arab racist post after another. Evil, terrorists, stupid, uncultured, etc.

If any other group were the target of their ignorant attacks, LGF would be labeled a "hate site"

Posted by: Steve at May 1, 2004 2:25 AM

Dude, LGF is sand nigger hatin' central. Beware!

On the point about history, much as we allude to it, modern Americans have so little knowledge of US history. Muslims, by and large, are so much more aware of it, as it's an integral part of their religion, which makes this debacle all the worse (I know that all arabs are not Muslims). The spectre of imperialism is something very few Americans have any idea about, since we were last colonized, oh, 200+ years ago. Meanwhile, the British and French were in the Middle East in the last 50 years.

Posted by: Bil at May 1, 2004 3:22 AM

It's not just you. But I would say that many Americans think of anyone outside their immediate circle as "less than human." Access to TV, internet, etc. is supposed to make your world bigger, but some people put up extraordinary efforts to keep their worlds as small as possible.

Posted by: Julie at May 1, 2004 1:16 PM

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