May 1, 2004

O'Reilly, Our Clown

Great article about a Canadian’s view of O’Reilly: My Fox trot with Bill O’Reilly

I always say yes to American TV because how else are Americans going to hear about radical notions like feeding the poor and sheltering the gentle, or letting black people vote in Florida? […]

And then he asked me if I was a socialist, and I said, “Certainly,” and it was as if I’d said I like donkey semen in my latte instead of milk. He then went into a mad rant about lefties like Mr. Doyle and how I was a typical Globe columnist. I said, no, truthfully, I think I’m regarded as “idiosyncratic” (the first six-syllable word ever spoken on the O’Reilly show), and he erupted again.

It was like talking to a manic child who had eaten 800 cherry Pop Tarts for breakfast. He kept interrupting, so that no point could be made that could win a reply, much less a reasoned response — not so much a gabble of sound bites as a howling from Bedlam.

Wheee! They see O’Reilly as a comedy act. Lucky for us, we’re stuck with tons of people who think he’s serious. (Found via Atrios.)

Posted by James at May 1, 2004 12:28 PM
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