May 2, 2004

Slowing and Sponsoring

I originally redesigned Aces Full of Links and left “Blogger” hosting to streamline the site for speed. As much as I’m sure my readers hate a slow site, I hate it more. Despite my efforts to keep things like externally hosted toys from slowing things down, my server itself has slowed way down, causing me grief.

So, I am planning a server move in the near future. I just wanted to let you know that if you’re experiencing slow access, you’re not alone and I’m working to correct it.

Secondly, Google AdSense contacted me wanting to pay me to run ads on my site. They’d rejected me months ago… perhaps the big Gay Marriage thing changed their mind. In any case, I’m now running Google ads on the individual archive pages. Why there? Because my regular readers will be less likely to see them there. However, the readers who visit my site via search engines will see them, and they are actually the majority of the hits. When they use the ad links, I’ll get paid.

I expect I will be paid mere pennies. But if posting about Bush and Co. and other acid-inducing subjects can net me enough change to pay for even a bottle of Tums, it will all have been worth it in a poetic justice sort of way.

Posted by James at May 2, 2004 11:09 PM
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