May 5, 2004

Trinity Brewhouse

Last night my brother-in-law and I took Dad out for his birthday. Our destination? Trinity Brewhouse.

Drink local beer. This should be every beer-drinker’s motto because unfiltered fresh beer is far, far better than anything in a bottle. Some beer from a tap is excellent, but fresh, locally brewed brewpub beer is transcendent.

Beers sampled:

  • Irish Stout
    • The stout was smooth, with low carbonation, a toasty warmth and a balanced bitterness. It had the highest IBUs of any of the brews on the menu last night, but the bitterness was well-rounded. It had some creaminess to it, but not a huge mouthfeel. A very pleasant stout, and better than the Guinness on tap at Not Your Average Joe’s the night before. The color was very dark, with very little head.
  • Red Ale
    • The red ale was the most ordinary of the brews I sampled last night. It had a decent maltiness, but not exceptional. The low bitterness made it easy to drink. There was nothing wrong with it, but it didn’t stand out. It was a bit more carbonated than the stout. It was an attractive straw-amber color.
  • ESB
    • I don’t remember what they call their ESB, but it was very good. I should have started with the ESB. It had a sharp bitterness and a flowery finish. Very refreshing, but I find that an extremely hoppy beer is better before or during eating rather than following a meal. The color was very similar to the red ale, perhaps a bit more pale.
  • IPA
    • I didn’t try the IPA, but Dad was impressed with it.

We all got burgers to eat and, though they were a bit overcooked, the burgers were decent. As an appetizer, the buffalo wings were better than average, even though we ordered the “mild” flavored ones. The two choices were “mild” and “nuclear.” If alone, I would have gone for nuclear. Nothing compares to “Wings to Go” but these wings were certainly respectable, and complemented the stout quite well.

I need to visit Trinity more often. The atmosphere is great. restaurant seating is arranged around the walls of the building, with the bar in the center. The booths are high-backed which is great for encouraging conversation.

This evening I was surprised by the conversation. After a couple of beers my companions (both conservative voters) voiced their serious disapproval with the current administration. I was nearly floored, but the pleasant shock was blunted by the beer. A lively discussion followed. So, it’s official. The Trinity Brewhouse is a great place for pints and political bitching.

Posted by James at May 5, 2004 2:49 PM
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Yup. Spot on. I love Trinity Brewhouse. We had a bachelor party there a couple months ago, definitely a good atmosphere. I take my out of town friends there whenever I can.

And the IPA is awesome.

Posted by: Bil at May 5, 2004 3:19 PM

WE used to have an anarchist social night at Trinity, but some folks would complain about the prices.

I love Trinity. The food and beer is excellent. I don't go often anymore though because finding parking downtown is such a bitch and a half.

Posted by: David Grenier at May 6, 2004 11:56 AM

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