May 10, 2004

Not An Exclusive Club

So, how do you get into the Abu Ghraib prison? Is it an exclusive club for only the worst criminals and terrorists?

Sadly, that is not the case. According to the Red Cross report, membership is wide open, especially for adult males. And they even come to your house to pick you up. From the report:

“Arrests as described in these allegations tended to follow a pattern. Arresting authorities entered houses usually after dark, breaking down doors, waking up residents roughly, yelling orders, forcing family members into one room under military guard while searching the rest of the house and further breaking doors, cabinets and other property. They arrested suspects, tying their hands in the back with flexi-cuffs, hooding them and taking them away. Sometime they arrested all adult males present in a house including elderly, handicapped or sick people. Treatment often included pushing people around, insulting, taking aim with rifles, punching and kicking and striking with rifles. Individuals were often led away in whatever they happened to be wearing at the time of arrest — sometime in pyjamas or underwear — and were denied the opportunity to gather a few essential belongings, such as clothing, hygiene items, medicine or eyeglasses.”

The Red Cross also reports that coalition intelligence officers estimate that between 70% and 90% of the prison’s population were wrongly arrested. Just imagine this. Americans sweeping through towns and grabbing whoever they found because they were told to bring someone back. And then… well, we now know what has gone on inside these places.

Does anyone have the full text of the Red Cross report? I can’t find a link yet.

Posted by James at May 10, 2004 5:03 PM
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According to the ICRC press release substantial portions of the reprot were in the WSJ and the Red Cross is pissed about it.

Posted by: Steve at May 10, 2004 7:05 PM

"Americans sweeping through towns and grabbing whoever they found because they were told to bring someone back."

Look, how are the soldiers supposed to know who's who? They all have dark skin and pray to a false god, so aren't they all the same?

Posted by: Patti M. at May 11, 2004 9:51 AM

Now you're talking like our head of intelligence in Iraq.

Posted by: James at May 11, 2004 10:39 AM

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