May 20, 2004


My blogging may be even less lively than usual for a little bit. Daughter #2 has had a fever for two days.

Since I blog when the spirit moves me, I can’t predict what when I have something to say. But I am a bit distracted at the moment. Before the fever happened, I was getting busy with things and a little bit distracted.

There are a lot of times I hold back from posting a link because I don’t have much to contribute. My links sideblog updating is broken at the moment, which is where I would put many of links I don’t want to comment on. The news is out there. Many times I don’t feel like I’m contributing much by just posting a link. The shotgun posts are fun for that, because they’re such a deluge.

But when you come to my website, I hope I can provide you with something interesting you can’t go and get elsewhere. I don’t always have time to give you that. That’s why I love your comments. You guys are always interesting.

Posted by James at May 20, 2004 2:11 PM
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