June 10, 2004

Dark Days (Capsule Review)

It’s amazing the lengths people will go to for a little comfort. It’s amazing that homeless folks can scrape together homes in a tunnel beneath New York city. It’s amazing they can live their so long.

Dark Days is an amazing documentary because you see with your own eyes this miniature town constructed beside the speeding Amtrak trains, where people cook, clean, own pets, avoid the rats and live a life that can only be compared to some post-apocalyptic, cautionary sci-fi tale. The beginning of a race of Morlocks.

However, the film lacks any drama. And what we see once we get close is that these are unfortunate people who have exercised some ingenuity, but for whatever reason (their own habits and predilections perhaps) they have stepped off the path of modern life. They aren’t Morlocks, they’re pretty much what you would expect if you thought about it.

My recommendation of this film is lukewarm. It’s a curiosity. But your curiosity may wear off before the credits roll.

Posted by James at June 10, 2004 9:45 AM
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