June 15, 2004

Blog Periscope

There are a lot of good blogs out there, and a lot of good blog posts. In a similar vein to my Shotgun Posts that have random fun/notable links, I’m considering highlighting blogs/blog posts of note on a semi-regular basis. Peeking up over the surface of the water, here’s the periscope view.

First, a blog I’ve recently taken notice of that it sure to be of continued interest to anyone out there who is interested in politics.

Winning Argument

In his own words “Winning Argument is an effort to marry opinions with fact-based arguments. If you agree with the opinions here, you’ll find some information to help convince others you’re right.” Whether you agree or not, he tackles each subject in a clear way, stating the argument and then backing up his opinion remarkably succinctly. Recent issues he covers are: The administration’s energy bill would do more harm than good, Wal-Mart Is Bad For America, and Top administration officials sanctioned torture.

Stories are whizzing by daily. You’re outraged, but you might be at a loss for words—inundated by the constant flow of news. His tagline says it: You know you’re right - now prove it.

Recent Notable Posts On Other Blogs

  • Retired officials: ‘Bush must go’ (Absit Invidia)
    • Steve points us to a story in the LA Times regarding a group of 26 senior diplomats and military folk who say Bush must go, for the good of the country. Liberals all? Well, they were appointed by presidents of both parties. These folks aren’t slouches, people. Unprecedented. Unpresidented? I hope so.
  • Timing is everything - in high comedy and low (US and the World)
    • The title doesn’t give it away, but this is about John Ashcroft. Paul Krugman recently identified him as the worst Attorney General in history. What happens when the heat is turned up on the Crisco Kid? Stories hit the news about terrorism. The most recent well-timed story is about a fellow who might have been planning to blow up an unidentified mall in Ohio… captured last November. Now that’s timely! One almost wonders whether they have a system now for releasing news they think will sway the public in times of intense scrutiny. Wait, it’s clear they do. What I mean, is one wonders what their process for coming up with that news is.
  • So-so (Tikkabik)
    • It’s a brief post, but it highlights the only thing Bush really inherits from Reagan, and he doesn’t even do it well. A stupid offhand joke Reagan made… if Bush can make similar jokes, I guess he inherits the legacy, doesn’t he?

That’s it for now.

Posted by James at June 15, 2004 7:17 PM
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