June 29, 2004

War On Kerry

I still think that it’s amazing some Bush supporters still seek to attack Kerry for leaving Vietnam after being wounded by criticizing details surrounding his Purple Heart medals, while they support a man who did what he could to avoid landing in Vietnam.

It just isn’t much of an argument.

His wounds weren’t big enough? What was Bush doing during the times Kerry was being treated for his injuries? Just wondering. Is it useful playing tit for tat on this?

Whether we should have been in it or not, we’re in a war now. I’d rather have a president who can look realistically at the thing from experience than someone for whom war is dressing up in a flight suit and repeating aloud what you wish were true until people start believing it.

Kerry detractors have luckily latched onto the wrong negative image. The “flip-flopper.” It turns out that people who think sometimes change their minds. True believers are afraid to reconsider their beliefs, even in a dearth of evidence, and even in the face of contradictory evidence. So change happens all too slowly. As was pointed out on Meet The Press this last weekend, Dubya is changing his position on what to do in the world to be more like Kerry’s… but ever so slowly. Too slowly.

Bush’s fervor burs hot enough to send bridges up in flames and set them crashing into the sea. Perhaps it’s not so bad to leave a bridge or two around, just in case you learn you were wrong. You don’t look like such a fool trying to shimmy across on a little rope. And you have enough credibility left that the people on the other side don’t just cut that rope and watch you fall to get you out of the way of the other guy they can trust to rebuild the bridge.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but if Bush loses this election, I think I know some of what we’ll hear in years to come. There will be a lament that Bush was never given the chance to succeed by the liberals. Everything was set against him. We’re all fighting the 2000 election still. The real questions “Why didn’t we nominate someone better in 1999? Why didn’t we nominate someone who really could bring people together?” will be less often heard.

What will become of Bush then? He’ll fade back into using whatever political power he has left to help his buddies in the business. Like a guest you had trouble getting rid of at the end of a party, they finally leave and you have to stay up to clean the mess.

Bleh. Bleh, bleh, bleh.

Bush supporters know that distaste in the election season will keep anti-Bush voters home in greater numbers. It keeps those “undecided” voters home, and those folks usually break for the challenger. So expect more negative tone pieces, like the use of Hitler imagery in an actual Bush-sponsored ad. Disgust people and they won’t come.

So, don’t get disgusted. And keep others upbeat. This election isn’t about 2000, but it is going to be a chance for the popular choice to re-assert itself, which is a re-enfranchising force. It’s a move in the right direction to say we won’t be scared by terrorist, nor by people who say that anything other than bombs and guns is “appeasement,” “weakness,” or “softness.”

Water is soft. It flows around rocks. It changes direction based on a changing environment. But try hitting it at high speed and you see that water really is strong. And rock in the path of water does not last forever under the deceptively gentle lapping of the waves.

Posted by James at June 29, 2004 5:20 AM
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I love the layout and sentiment of that picture.
Nicely done!

Every time they bring up Kerry's service in Vietnam, it ultimately helps Kerry and hurts Bush. I say: keep it up!

Posted by: oyster at June 29, 2004 11:11 PM

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